Monday, October 23, 2006

What's Your Excuse?

From the wires this morning...

Millions of people have their own blog and many of those spend much of their time writing about why they haven't blogged lately.
That's the word according to Jenn Shreve, who has a blog dedicated to -- you guessed it -- documenting the excuses bloggers give for not blogging.
She started keeping track of people's blog excuses on her own blog at after realizing so many people had lame excuses for not writing.
Says Shreve: "All the bloggers want to believe everyone is waiting patiently at their computer for their latest blog
-- but in reality no one really cares."
Generally, the top three excuses for not blogging are:
Work; a bad internet connection; or a terrible tragedy has occurred and they are unable to bring themselves to write.
But Shreve's favorite excuses are from the guy who hasn't blogged because he got ``promoted to an officer in his World of Warcraft guild" and another guy who said he's "been drunk or busy a lot."

Hey, at least I wrote something today...