Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Real Live Worried

I've gotten several emails from folks worried about Gordon (Reallivepreacher) since his site is down.

I'm sure this is a server thing - a renewal overlooked or a screw-up at this new server firm he's switch to recently - in any case, last time I spoke with Gordon he was doing very well. His Dad is doing so well he was due to come home from the hospital last night.

As far as I know - I'd call him but it's 3 a.m. and no one is doing well at 3 a.m. including me - everything is fine with Gordon with the exception of some server issues of which he might not be aware yet. I'll make sure he's aware at a more decent hour.

Since I know I share a smidgen of Gordon's readers, I figured I'd post something...okay, I'm also lazy and didn't want to respond to each email individually.

Seriously, do please keep his Dad, Hollie, and his entire family for that matter, in your prayers. There's a long recovery and journey ahead.

Diddling with websites is not a top priority right now.

However, rest assured, I'm certain the server issues will be addressed and "the Preacher's" wisdom will be back on line soon.