Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Mood

We are trying.
To understand why God is asking us to deal with what should have been such "easy stuff," and why it has instead become "hard stuff."

We are trying to find a course that leads to healing.

But we are wondering why we are having to chart that course alone.

We have reached out.

We have sought counsel.

We have prayed.

And we have lost faith...not in God...but in our once cherished community.

Maybe it is simply the remnants of Monday, what should have been an exciting day. We have our Moldova paperwork done, have met some of our team members, and see great opportunity to say small words with huge meaning to small children with far more huge issues than ours.

"You are His beloved in whom He is well pleased."

But I will admit, I have never felt as "alone" in my faith as I do today.

Thank God for the blog community...bless you.

Hard decisions are ahead - perhaps they have already been made for us - but I know this much, I will trust God...

At least that is something I do not have "to process."