Sunday, October 01, 2006

If A Blog Is Written In The Forest...

I'm still writing.

You just can't read it.

Some of that is probably good.

I *have* to write. It's the one thing in my life *I* have control over.

In truth, I would like other people to read what I write...but that doesn't negate my *need* to write.

So I'm writing this.

Other stuff I've written over the past week or so, remains in my "draft" folder. Perhaps I'll publish it, perhaps not.

However since the status of my website relies on a number of factors out of my control, I've decided I will simply write. Whatever comes to mind. It's been cathartic if not exactly fulfilling.

For those of you who have emailed me out of concern - once my email started working - thank you. It means a lot, more than I can express now, to have "community" in this odd world of i.p. addresses replacing faces and names. For those of you who wrote and got no reply...believe me...I never received the email.

Anyway...that's all I'm going to write now. One of the other benefits of writing and realizing no one but me can read it is that I can stop whenever I want. No fine profundity required.

Maybe that's how it should always be...