Friday, October 06, 2006

The Good, The Rad & The Just Plain Ugly

I've been doing a little tinkering with this blog's template - always a dangerous thing that can consume hours before I end up getting frustrated and restoring it back to where it was originally - hey at least I make back-ups!

The good: On the side bar you'll notice a new link to "My Photos Albums." That's going to be a semi-fluid connection to on-line photo albums, I think there are two up there now. One of pictures from our last trip to Lakeside, Ohio and the other shots from the most recent Habitat for Humanity house I'm "helping" out on. "Helping" being a kind term since I am not a handy man - perfectly comfortable with that - but I am concerned someone will assign me a job which in 2 years could result in the house collapsing due to my incompetence. I'll try and post something when pictures are added or I put up a new album.

The rad: Is rad even a word? Well, anyway...having Shell living with us is such a joy and occasional flashback. Shell may be 19 years old, but she is a child of the 60's. She's a "hippie chick," something she'll readily admit.

I'll walk into a room and hear music that *I* grew up listening to. She's into all sorts of old rock bands, from the Beatles to Jimi Hendrix. When I was helping carry some of her stuff to our "URMD," - (Upper Rooms Ministry Division) - I noticed a Led Zeppelin poster. I ended up giving her a Beatle's poster that I've carried around since college and which has hung in our garage since Amy and I first moved into this house. In fact, all of my "decorations" ended up in the garage...but that's another matter.

My only disappointment is Shell wasn't interested in the Simon & Garfunkel poster that also adorns an unseen garage wall. I also must confess that I've found myself on occasion "turning the music down" - my music that's now her music. Really, it's been because I'm so deaf I can't carry on a conversation with music playing at a decent "rock n roll" decibel. Really. I'm not THAT old!

At least I haven't shouted, "TURN THAT %$!* DOWN!"

That would be the ultimate irony.

The ugly: I mentioned in the prior post I was thinking of putting a little thermometer-type image on the blog to graphically represent our Moldova fundraising.
Uh...that's not gonna happen. My best effort at designing it is so's so ugly it'd make a train take a dirt's so ugly...sorry, I slipped into a bad Catskills comic routine for a sec. Anyway, it's ugly (see below and click to enlarge its ugliness), plus it made me a little queasy. Not because of its ugliness, but because it seems to spotlight "money."

If I could find an adequate way to graphically express the overwhelming "prayer support" we've received, I'd be a lot more comfortable with putting that image up, but there's no way any chart/thermometer/graph could come close to representing the huge outpouring from so many tender hearts.

And even if there was...I'd have to draw it...and it would be ugly.