Monday, October 16, 2006

Dropping Our Nets

Amy and I have made a hard decision which we truly believe God is directing us toward. I'll speak more specifically to that at a later time, right now I have only time to speak to a related topic.

The odd thing is the decision came as a fairly unmistakable answer to prayer. We had been praying for guidance, wisdom, discernment and trying not to let our emotions guide us.

Then something unexpected happened - something we were completely unaware of - that I could only interpret as God saying, "You want an answer. Here! Deal with it."

That was a good thing, except for the dealing with it part.

I know that's still somewhat cryptic...I apologize, once the dust settles I'll spell this out more, I promise.

Anyway, last night I prayed for some additional direction to embark along this new part of our journey.

I should add that over the past few weeks Amy has said frequently that "we need to be ministered to."

Today, we were rushing out the door to get to the gym...okay I was rushing, Amy and Shell were doing their hair, fixing whatever women fix when men wait in cars for them, and our neighbor, Arlene, came over to talk with me. She told me that our former neighbor, and still a dear friend, Dallas, had called her last night to tell her she had terminal lung cancer.

It was stunning news and I thought of her husband, Harold, and how completely fragmented he must be - he's not the most stable guy to begin with, and I say that lovingly.

I asked Amy if she would mind if perhaps we offered to come to their house next weekend and "have church" with them. Amy loved the idea.

I don't know how they'll feel about it, but I'm at least about to make that call...that offer.

As we were discussing those particular friends, we realized today another dear friend is undergoing major surgery, her second this year. I frantically called her husband, Chuck, and asked what the status of the situation was and he said the surgery had been delayed and his wife had "just been rolled in."

So, we're leaving in a moment, as soon as Amy finishes fixing whatever it think I've dug that hole deep enough...suffice it to say we're leaving for the hospital soon.

And oddly enough this seems like God answering my prayer again.

We believe He has shown us a path, but we must choose how we approach it.

I'm fairly certain He's telling us that perhaps if we do "need ministering to" the best way might be by ministering to others.

It's only a first step, but if feels like a very right step.

Please say prayers for our friends Dallas, Harold, Chuck and Lindsay.

And perhaps add in a praise to God for being rather blunt so as to penetrate my thick skull.

I think I'm being cryptic enough for everyone.

"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." At once they left their nets and followed him. - Mark 1:17-18