Friday, October 27, 2006

Because I Can

I've actually sat down to write twice in the past couple of days - it seems harder to find time when I'm either not sleep deprived, consumed by some other "crisis" in the household or have something to say - and both times "Blogger" has chosen those exact times to be "Down for repairs."

I suppose I shouldn't complain, it's not like I pay for blogger...or that I would.

It's the political probably noticed that by all the annoying ads on radio and TV...but I really steer clear of writing about politics. When I started this blog, I had grandiose thoughts of putting forth wisdom about politics versus reality...I think I tired of that in a week or two. Plus, I must admit, I started reading other political blogs for a while and realized there were far more insightful people out there than I was ever going to be.

Today, I'm going to be political I suppose, but I really think of it as religious. God calls those who believe in Him to warn people if they foresee impending crises. I'm not a prophet, but I do think there are some issues that are being used to distract a lot of us from more important things.

I don't really care about politics. I don't care if you're a democrat, a republican, a libertarian, or green party member. Odds are I'd still like to sit down and talk with you...about more important things.

I've covered politics as a reporter, I've been friends with politicians (that didn't work out real well, since the one guy I had faith in is still serving time in prison) and I have friends/relatives who are obsessed with politics. However I've seen 'em come and seen 'em go and to tell you the truth, I don't know a politician I particularly respect.

I suppose if you must label me, I'm a conservative, but I'm not maniacal about it. I'm conservative in most things except for the love of my wife, and my love of God. I'm sue me.

So this is what I believe...

I believe most Americans are ignorant of the real issues and too influenced by political sound bites and commercials when it comes to their vote, and I wish folks were more educated about reality.

I believe stem cell research is a good thing. I believe the federal government has no reason to fund it. If you actually check the facts, despite the hype around Michael J. Fox, the one time Canadian, whose now doing ads for Democrats who favor federal funding of stem cell research, you'll find that the only President who ever authorized any funding for stem cell research was George W. Bush. You'll also find that funding for such research programs has actually increased, albeit slightly, since Bush refused to authorize federal government funding for "fetal" stem cell research.

Why has it increased? Because the private sector has gotten into the game...there's a profit to be made.

I believe Capitalism wins out on most occasions.

You might also think back to the last time "stem cell research" was a "political issue" and note the date...odd how it always seems to come up around elections isn't it?

I believe we need to rethink our policies in Iraq. That's not to say I believe we should withdraw our troops. I am still sort of hoping the guys with the epaulets on their shoulders are thinking about new tactics all the time. I have faith in our military...far more faith than I have in politicians.

I believe one of the best ways to resolve some of our issues in the Middle East does involve allowing democracy to at least take root in some nations where it has been a foreign concept for centuries. That includes not only Iraq, but Iran...and Syria...and, dare I say it, Saudi Arabia.

I tend to think if you are living in a nation where women who speak their minds are stoned to death, and people who are gay are murdered without any government intervention, and the folks living next door don't allow such stuff...because they have a might look over the fence and say, "Gee, maybe we should try that for a while." Simplistic I know. Still, I think it's worth a try.

I believe the real solution to the problems in the Middle East is for the U.S. to become energy independent...AT ANY PRICE. That means allowing coal plants to be built which can essentially turn coal to oil. That means allowing off shore drilling and drilling in Alaska. That means pouring massive amounts of money into alternative fuel and conservation programs. That means staying the course until it is done.

In the 1980's, this country invested 80 some odd billion dollars to that cause. What happened?

OPEC dropped the price of oil to 10 dollars a barrel, gasoline prices dropped, Americans stopped whining and we gave up. Where the 80 billion dollars went...heck if I know...but I doubt any of the original investors in that project suffered.

I believe too many people in our country are ignorant. We allow "headline news" and "sound bites" to dictate our thinking, and we don't read enough. You want to bellow about stem cell research, global warming, or animal all means you have that right.

However while you're screaming, "The sky is falling," I believe the earth and many free nations are being or have already been taken from us.

You want something to really worry about? Take a look at demographic data on birth rates in Europe. It's startling. Do you realize that the birthrates in nations such as France, Italy and Germany are so low that in a matter of one or two generations the traditional family we think of in Europe will disappear? Run the the research. Birth rates in Europe are at or below 1.4 children per woman. That means there will not be enough young people to support their economies...especially with six week guaranteed vacations, free government health care, government supported pension plans and various other "entitlements."

How do you deal with that?

You open your doors to immigration.

Unlike what you might think, I favor immigration into this country especially. I simply want some organization to it. This week I listened to the owner of one of the most popular "tourist" restaurants in San Antonio whine at a public forum that he couldn't find adequate help because of immigration restrictions. He runs an amazingly popular Mexican restaurant in the heart of San Antonio and claimed that he could not keep a chief chef unless he hired one from Mexico. He went on to mention that job paid in excess of $100,000 a year.

I find that hard to believe. I know a lot of good cooks, Hispanics with deep Hispanic roots who would run that kitchen for $100,000 a year...and they're legal Americans.

Back to Europe, if you look at the demographic numbers, I must admit you will actually find "pockets" where the birth rates are far higher. Guess who lives there? Muslims.

Don't even start.

I'm not condemning Muslims or the Islamic faith, but Europe and its entitlement mentality needs young workers to support it, so they allow virtually unfettered immigration. Yet, those folks are not like the Irish who became Irish-Americans, or the Germans who became German-Americans. These are people who share not a country of origin, but a religion. Some, maybe only a fraction, do not adapt to the European way of life, instead they isolate themselves, and if you don't think they already wield power consider the riots in France some months ago...led by Muslim "youth."

They virtually shut down that country without having an election. Who's in control?

I believe Americans and especially American Christians are blind or too politically correct to see the largest threat to their existence.

Have a baby...have two or three.

America is the only "Western" nation with a birth rate that still, barely, exceeds one that will lead to extinction.

Make that four.

What was the most popular boy's name born in 2005 in Norway, or France, or England?

I believe we should be setting our radar in an entirely different direction...and I say it here, because I still can.

I'm done talking about politics now...anyone for a game of Risk?