Friday, September 29, 2006

At The Tone The Timing Will Be ...

Ah, the timing of things.

Some of you may have noticed this little space disappeared for a day or two. You may have sent me an email to which I didn't respond.

There's a reason for that and it's not that I obliterated my blog or had my server space/domain cancelled due to non-payment - hey, that's happened before.

Rest easy, I wasn't raptured without you.

What's been happening is our little web hosting/design business, The Aspen Group, is going through some shifting - technical stuff - and being the "Philosopher King" of this organization carries the burden of sacrifice. In other words, I've been the guinea pig. That's resulted in the website being up..being email not working, sometimes's sort of a cyber-roller coaster.

Anyway, at this particular moment, it appears the blog is back up and it was simply unfortunate timing that these episodes of digital epilepsy followed a couple of rather gloomy posts regarding my faith.

Rest assured, all is well. My faith is is good, but hectic, and when I have a moment I'll go into brief detail about the somewhat cryptic posts that preceded all this.

At this moment, the timing is not right.

Amy and I are still processing those spiritual things, but we've overcome the hurdles of actually figuring out what happened and why.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to reflect on many things: faith, church, community and how those things work together and occasionally against each other.

Suffice it to say, for the most part, we are at peace - but we have opened our eyes to new possibilities.

I'm being cryptic again...sorry.

We do expect some changes in our lives spiritually, I don't know if they'll be major things or not. I do know we're not going to rush into them based on emotion. To quote a dear friend, "Emotions are not truth tellers."

I'll post more very soon, but right now - to quote Forrest Gump - "That's all I'm going to say about that."

I do have many things to tell you...some of which I think contain actual bits of wisdom.

No journey is easy...but in the end I believe there is a purpose to all things...even the sudden inability to write about what's been on my mind. So perhaps going "404" for a few days has served a higher purpose.

If you have emailed me recently, I didn't receive it and those emails are likely gone forever. My email is still not working. This too is not necessarily a bad thing, it has provided me with another opportunity to settle into the stillness of God.

I'll tell you more about that too...I promise.

When the timing is right...and, in truth, such things are not really up to me...