Friday, August 11, 2006

Premature Pigginess

Okay, well we got kind of distracted...or rather Amy decided to do some other work before using me as a guinea pig, so technically my last post was a bit premature. I'm assuming sometime this weekend the actual server shedding will take place, but Amy is the "technical director" of this operation, I am merely the Philosopher King.

In other words...I don't know what's really going on, but if at some point this site disappears don't worry...unless all your Christian friends disappear that same day...then you might want to look up "rapture"...otherwise it should reappear rather quickly.

Apparently I'm not only a guinea pig but something of a bandwidth hog (at least it's the same genus, sort of) so Amy is evidently thinking we might do a little clean up work...put my website on a diet of sorts...or remove the slop if we want to stick with the porcine metaphor, before I go digitally sailing across servers.

It will happen...eventually.