Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Moving Day (s), Daze?

You're not going to be moved by this post and no we are not moving out of our home/boarding house/mission field.
As mentioned previously, Amy and I have taken over The Aspen Group web design/hosting firm. I am the Owner, President, CEO, and Philosopher King...but I also have another title, "Guinea Pig." As part of our corporate transition we're changing servers, and guess whose website "we"("we" meaning Amy) is going to practice with first.
You cracked the code Sherlock.
As soon as I hit publish, Amy is going to begin the transition. All things being equal, if there's going to be a screw up in this process I am likely to be on the receiving end of it. In any case, the blog and my email may be down for a day...or two....or....

Okay, prayer for hassle free transitions might be in order here.

Anyway, if the website disappears (you won't know diddly if you haven't already read this) or emails bounce back today/tomorrow, don't fret about it. I'm sure my crack technical staff - okay that's Amy too - will have the situation resolved quickly.

Until we meet again.

Michael - Philosopher King