Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Lord Of The Fly

Are free to fly
Fly away...Fly away...

For the past several weeks, San Antonio has been inundated with butterflies. They are not big showy butterflies. They're little brown, "snout-nosed" (yeah I didn't know they had noses either) butterflies. They are everywhere...and today they are not only a curiosity...they are a reminder.

We're empty nesters again.

The small family we've been sheltering for the past few months has moved on. This was, of course, our ultimate goal yet we are finding the concept of using our upstairs as our "mission field" a little painful, always feeling like during our time with our guests we could have done more, helped more...loved more.

It was that way with the Gomez family, and now with Simon, Katrina and Emily. Admittedly, it was a little tougher "letting go" of Emily since we enjoyed having a two-year old amongst us so much.

Okay, I'll admit it, we offered cash if they'd let us keep her...that's a joke...but she did plow her way into our hearts and not being able to make a little girl giggle whenever we feel the desire is something that will take some adjustment.

Nonetheless the experience was a good one. Simon and Katrina have to go where they feel God is leading them on their journey and we must understand our role as a waypoint on our spiritual trek.

We do believe God gave us a calling...I think we sometimes have to do better coming to grips that He also gave each of us free will.

Amy and I have set another goal - which will take a lot of miracles to achieve - of joining a group of missionaries this winter and traveling to Moldova to work with kids in an orphanage. Conditions there are almost unspeakable and it would be a good chance to test our missionary calling against our abilities.

It will also be a test of faith. A lot of things will have to fall in place, like our new business and Amy's health concerns remaining manageable...and some money will have to fall out of the sky. Still, we think we can do it. We'll see.

This much I know though, after having the chance to hug on only one two-year old for a few months, if I surround Amy with a bunch of orphaned kids in the harsh world of Moldova...I'm going to have to triple check her luggage on the way home for stowaways.

Simon, Katrina and Emily...we already miss you. We are praying that your journey brings you closer to God and to your desires. We are thankful for the chance to have hopefully been a small conduit in that process.

And if you ever want to sell your kid...