Sunday, August 13, 2006

It Couldn't Be This Easy

Well, the deed is done.

I thought I'd let that hang in the air a moment. The website has moved, it appears to be working. I haven't noticed any major flaws and had only to do one or two little tweaks.

I have email.

So I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We (ahem, Amy) still will have to go through and clean things up on the interior - I've been a bit sloppy in where I've put stuff over the years and now is a good time to get rid of duplicate files and the like.

I'm not sure of the rss and atom feeds. I'm not really sure how that works and quite frankly don't want to spend the remainder of my Sunday working on it.

If you use bloglines or some other RSS reader that notifies you of a new post, leave a comment or drop me a line if you got notified of this one.

Anyway, it appears everything is functional enough and it went very smoothly. That's a good sign because many of our actual paying clients don't have as much clutter as my blog/website so presumably that will make it easier for my crack technical team (ahem, okay that's Amy too) to transition them over this week.

Now...back to Sunday sloughery.

I don't know if sloughery is a word...but it should be.