Friday, August 25, 2006

I Believed In You

My whole life...from the time I was a little boy...I believed in you.

You were a fixture of my childhood. In school, you were the stuff of fantasy. I would gaze out the window, stare at the sky and think of you.

I thought one day I might even be able to visit you in that magical place that seemed so very far away. It never came to be.

And now I'm told you're not what I was told. You're not what I believed in and everything I was taught about you from various TV shows and books was essentially wrong.

I will admit, I always had some doubts. You were a little strange - unlike all the others in your neighborhood. You didn't seem to be as big, you didn't have the same characteristics...but that made you seem all the more real to me.

Now I know the truth. It's all over the headlines.

Pluto - a figment of my childhood imagination.