Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Best Waylaid Plans...

Amy and I had a plan. We were going to get up early today, go to the church, I was going to help her with some stuff that requires a little heavy lifting - something she is gradually learning admitting only worsens her health problems - and then I was going to get some mowing done while it was still cool enough to do so without risking death.
Since the temperature soars into the 90's here lately by 10 a.m. that meant we really had to get up and going by 6 or 7.

Yesterday however, I took one of our cars to the shop to fulfill the destiny of wiping out what little is left in our "emergency" fund - the power steering was failing - KA-CHING! Still, we figured that would not hinder our plan since we do have a second, rarely-used, crappier car which can still function as long as you don't want to roll down windows or have an aversion to seeing the traffic through a large crack in the windshield.

Now though, our Saturday plans have vanished completely...faster than French loyalty.

Last night, we went out for a "mini-date" in that second, rarely-used, car for which I'm still thinking of a nickname appropriate enough to be said aloud (I have several names I've called it in my mind...and occasionally screamed while alone in the vehicle). All went well; Amy beat me at darts, so she was happy. I was happy. All God's children were happy as we called it an early night and headed home.

We were barely on the road when the battery "idiot" light came on in our second little-used, now especially best left unnamed, vehicle. Then a series of other lights came on and we knew that imposter of transportation too was going to be visiting the mechanic for at minimum a new battery and more likely a nice costly alternator. This insures our "emergency fund" is nothing more than fantasy, but we've been in worse spots and I long ago stopped giving money woes a position of power in my mind and our household.

However it also means our grand plans to be productive today are shot. I admit at first, I clung to the hope that our car repair guy, whom I trust implicitly and would put in line for a prominent place in my will were that not an insult, might be able to get our first vehicle "fixed" early enough for us to at least accomplish some of our goals for the day. Now though it's apparent that won't happen due to yet more unforeseen mechanical issues. Even if our mechanic had stocked his crew with repairmen who moonlighted as blood-work consultants for Barry Bonds, Tour de France participants and the like, we still won't be getting that car fixed until late today and the mechanic has already told me that repair is only temporary, the work will have to be completed next week.

We still got up early, but now we're being forced to spend a lazy day at home. Heck, we've even already cleaned the house - clean being a relative term - and Amy finished work on Sunday's music yesterday, so we can't occupy ourselves with those chores. Sure, I could do some yard work here, but now it's already hot enough outside to see visions of Ken Lay so that is off the list of reasonable activities too.

It appears like our day will be relegated to playing around on our computers, drinking coffee, reading the newspaper and spending time together with nothing pressing to do whatsoever.

Thank you God. As is always the case, Your plans for us are always exactly what we need.