Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Seasons & Reason

Sorry to have been out of touch lately. Amy and I are sort of going through post traumatic vacation syndrome. We got home Sunday and haven't quite regained our energy.

I've been catching up at the office, while competing with Amy to share Emily-sitting duties at the house, and working on our vacation pictures. By the way, that's the big disadvantage to having a digital camera. We used to return from vacation and simply toss the rolls of film in a drawer never to be seen again. Now, we have instant photos. I can print them almost immediately and even have them framed and up on the walls in only the amount of time it takes to get to the Dollar Store - to buy the frames.

It takes a lot more effort to come up with excuses for my laziness...mercifully, I'm well practiced.

Actually, I have been pretty good about dealing with our vacation photos, getting many of them up on the web for family members and printing out a few choice ones to hang on walls.

Yet our vacation quite obviously did seem to take more out of us this year.

After a few days to give it thought, I believe I've figured out the biggest factor: it's finally hit home that we've entered a new season of life.

Our children aren't children any longer at all.

They have each moved into seasons all their own...seasons which we can still share, but from a somewhat disquieting distance.

It's not a bad time, but it's a different time.

I suspect it's a time for which we weren't adequately prepared.

In fact, I think the reality of it hit home at the completely wrong time...a time when we were too far away from home.