Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The President Sends His Regards

This is the last day Amy's going to let me get away with this, so I figured I better get this post up quick. You're now reading the pseudo-wisdom of the President, Owner and C.E.O. of "The Aspen Group."

Why you are reading it is a question you'll have to answer.

One of the reasons I've been posting less frequently since we returned from Ohio is that Amy and I have been strategizing, second-guessing, double-checking, and most of all praying about our non-hostile takeover of The Aspen Group, a web design and web hosting business formally run by our dear friend Gordon who's now exploring new dreams.

Amy has actually been doing work for Gordon for a while so we know what to expect for the most part. We expect no one is going to get rich. We expect to enjoy more time together...and quite frankly I'm expecting a fairly healthy tax write-off if nothing else.

It's the perfect opportunity for Amy since she can work from home, try very hard to please people - which is a key to her general happiness, there's no physical activity involved and she can put her creative juices to work.

It's also a good chance for me to kick the tires on what's essentially a hobby with potential...a hobby that has little to do with radio.

I can envision us developing a passion for it, and that's worth more than almost anything.

Much to Amy's chagrin, I am technically the President, Owner, and C.E.O...which is a step up from my role in our previous part-time computer repair business where my title was "Lackey."

Today we finalized the paperwork and structured the company with me as "the boss" least on paper. Someone had to be, and I won the coin toss.

I plan to be active in the sales end of the venture, which I'm anticipating will actually be fun. I'm not going to break my neck in the process, but it'll be an interesting diversion to explore and certainly it will be a low-pressure environment.

I'm sure I'll write more about our new business, and our progress, but for now I only wanted to mention that I'm the President, Owner and C.E.O...because that's the last time Amy is going to let me get away with it. I think I wore out the line on courthouse employees, bankers, family members and most certainly Amy.

She already nixed the idea of my having business cards listing me as "Philosopher King."

Anyway, after spending the afternoon running from the courthouse to the bank and through our wildest dreams it's now time to put The Aspen Group to bed for the night, and spend some quality time with the love of my wife.

I want to be all business as far as that part of our lives is concerned.

After all, this could be the middle of a beautiful relationship...