Monday, June 12, 2006

Wild Hares

I can see it from here...our annual vacation. Admittedly it's easier to see after shelling out the cash for airline tickets...watching your bank account descend is something we've all unwillingly observed.
Amy and I had toyed with altering our vacation radically this year, skipping our Ohio trip, going on a road trip, seeing Tiffany graduate and the sites of New England.
Then foundation repairs, plumbing repairs, etc....came knocking...loudly.
So we're sticking with tradition, and that's fine. Since airlines have discovered that gasoline prices are sky high we had less flexibility on flights and such, but we made it....with time to spare.
We won't head up to Lake Erie until the week of July 4th, so we'll have some time in Amy's hometown of Dayton. Now we're thinking of maybe taking a "wild hare" mini-road trip in the little truck that might....we'll see. Kentucky is downhill...we could make it there...who knows.

Speaking of road friend Chuck is planning a road trip - okay an airline flight - for his son John...sending him to Denton in the heat of summer - this is not considered child abuse where Chuck lives.

If you don't already read Chuck's blog, you should. John is a boy who needs to fly and you just might want to join him.