Thursday, June 08, 2006

Out O' Touch - Top O' Mind

I've been a little out of touch...with consciousness...for the past few days. Apparently, I've been battling some virus which zaps my strength. I stagger into work...schlump home and go to sleep...lather...rinse...repeat.

I'm feeling better today.

Today also marks another major milestone in the life of Tiffany, our eldest daughter. She'll be getting her Master's degree from Harvard. One day she's wrapping up two years of teaching math to kids in Kerrville, Texas, and only a year later she's leaving Harvard with a Master's degree, a job with the New York City public school system, and a future full of even more promise. Not to mention an apartment in the inner-city which I'm trying very hard not to think about.

Amy and I desperately wanted to attend the graduation. Life got in the way and Tiffany decided it wouldn't be worth our time or trouble. Amy is duly disappointed. Nothing would make her prouder than to see a dot cross the stage that she knows is Tiffany. I'm not unduly disappointed, sitting through graduation ceremonies can be ...okay let's just admit torturous at best.

Today's will be cool though. Even though it's probably going to rain, and it's 50 degrees, and the seats will be uncomfortable for those in attendance. I'll get to watch from the comfort of either my office or home....the miracle of the webcast.

We're so very proud of all our kids. Their accomplishments mean a lot. The way they are choosing to live their lives though...that means so much more.

Congratulations, Tiffany...sorry this is the only picture I have available to post...okay, sorry but it's my favorite from several years ago.