Sunday, June 25, 2006

It's About Time

Gordon didn't preach today...he was presiding over the wedding of our friend Erin in Tennessee. That meant we had to call on one of the many "recovering ministers" in our flock, Tim, who didn't shy away from the task. He preached out of Revelation - not something a lot of fill-in ministers do.

I found it coincidental since only this week I put in a request for a sample copy of "Endtime" magazine. I was led there by some article I read and was curious about an entire magazine devoted to the topic. I haven't received my free copy yet, but I'll let you know when I do - assuming we're all still around.

I certainly hope we're still one big happy blog family. Don't get me wrong, being raptured certainly has a definite appeal to it...but I have one more day of work before Amy and I head to Ohio for a couple of weeks. I'm all in favor of being raptured, but honestly I'd like to squeeze in a little vacation time first, as silly as that seems.

Anyway, I was curious about "Endtime" magazine. I'm always on the lookout for a place for which I might one day write something. Endtime would seem like a good venue for something I wrote when really depressed...who knows. Anyway I figured it couldn't hurt to request a sample copy.

Then I looked at the regular subscription information. You can sign up for a year or most magazines...and the longer you enroll, the better the rate. However there is a specific limit...a maximum subscription length - six years.

That actually makes sense. What if we're already at the start of the seven years of tribulation? It would seem unfair to sell people ten-year subscriptions. What if you're not among the raptured? Imagine trying to get a refund for undelivered about customer service nightmares. Then again, there will be a lot of contentious moments during the time of tribulation I suppose.

Anyway, we won't be here when my sample copy of "Endtime" magazine arrives.

I sure hope when we get back I won't regret having left home without it.