Thursday, June 29, 2006

Heather, Amy, Jim, Clarence, & Bob Evans

Readers of Brainwaves and Can You Hear Me Now will have already read of this encounter...but this afternoon I was blessed to meet up with a couple of Kentucky bloggers who've become "blog buddies" over the years, as well as an old friend from our church who moved to Kentucky some time back.

Amy arranged it all...well most of it - I knew we were going to meet up with Heather - as sort of a surprise birthday present. I will confess I had my suspicions, but it was still extremely rewarding to have my suspicions...and hopes...confirmed.

Jim from "Brainwaves" and Clarence from "Can You Hear Me Now?" were pretty much as I expected. We were a bit late to the meeting, which knowing us should also be expected, and considering we met at a "Bob Evans" it's a miracle we met up at all.

For those of you who've wondered....this is what Jim and Clarence look like when they are waiting for food.

I realized while driving back to Ohio that there are more Bob Evans restaurants than there are highway exits in Kentucky and Ohio...I'm not sure how that's possible, but there is one about every 60 yards or so, therefore the fact that Amy and I found the right one is somewhat miraculous.

Amy spent much of the time catching up with Heather, who is loving Kentucky and has love blooming in other aspects of her life as well.

In any event, I really don't get the chance to meet face to face with fellow bloggers with the exception of Chuck Sigars and a few folks who stumble wide-eyed into our church looking for "The Real Live Preacher." Most of them have no idea I have a blog and spend the bulk of their time covering up their amusement at the realization that Gordon isn't quite larger than life...:)

Actually Amy placed a call to Gordon which was the highlight of the visit for both Jim and Clarence...I won't dwell on how truly sad that is (hey, if someone doesn't take a few pot shots at Gordon it would be impossible to keep him humble).

In truth, it was very cool to pass around the phone and let everyone visit with Gordon a bit - by this point the waitresses already suspected we were all on leave from the Rubber Ramada anyway.

The visit was too short. The food was good. The company was grand.

I truly hope this is only the first of many such visits.

It's reassuring to find folks whose wisdom you read is not simply something they's something they live. I grow closer to God in the company of true witnesses like Jim and Clarence.....and getting bonus catch-up time with Heather, made it a meal fit for a King...

Thank you all for taking time out of your day to visit with us, but more importantly thank you for allowing us to count you among our friends and as part of the Body of Christ.

As usual, God has gifted me with far more than I deserve.