Saturday, June 03, 2006

Believe It Or Not

My mother-in-law doesn't believe in Montana.

She's never been there, doesn't know anyone from there, so she's decided not to believe it exists.

I've been to Montana, but that doesn't seem to factor into the equation.

I've decided that's a good thing. I think everyone should be entitled to one free - no questions asked - delusion.

Actually, lately I think I could be convinced into giving everyone a more liberal dosing of delusions. Perhaps we should all get a half dozen unquestioned baseless beliefs...that seems fair.

I could use up a large portion of my allotment dealing only with events that I'm told have happened in the past few weeks.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Matthew DeLong.

Matthew is my nephew. We weren't able to attend their wedding, although we tried to get Amy to the nuptials - at something close to a reasonable price - up to the very last second, but we'll see Matt and his bride, Jodi, in a few weeks in Ohio, so that's some consolation.

I find it hard to fathom that Matt is a married man, so I could choose as one of my deliberate delusions to remember him always as the soccer-obsessed kid he was when we first met...but then again I've met Jodi and she's very nice. Blotting out my belief in their marriage I think would short-change me significantly.

Then again, they did get married in Florida and I've never been to Florida....

The above photo is of my niece Sarah...or Sarai as the family members affectionately refer to her. She recently graduated high school. I'd seriously consider selective amnesia when it comes to Sarah growing up. That way she and her sister Emily/EmmaWayne/Erica would forever be the beautiful little girls who giggled at all my corny jokes.

However that would take a lot of imagination. Especially since they're both due in San Antonio tonight on route to Mexico for a missions trip. We may get a chance to see or at least speak with them while they're here and there will be no denying that they're growing matter how hard I try.

This photo of Amy is from our recent trip to Laity Lodge. I love's quiet and calming...and God's presence least to me.

I suppose if I were going to choose a delusion of the day, it would be that such peace and contentment surrounds us every day.

However, come to think of it, once I surrender my cares to God, that seems easy to believe.

**Click on the pictures to enlarge, but be forewarned some are quite me**