Friday, May 05, 2006

Should Anyone Come Looking

We haven't fallen off the planet. Amy hasn't been feeling super well and we're doing the medical test shuffle again. I'm a little stressed out about the usual stuff, Amy, finances, what God really wants from us.

So we've found a solution, albeit a temporary one. We're running away.

To here.

Laity Lodge is a retreat center which Amy and I have "heard" a lot about but have never had the time or money or whatever to actually visit. We still don't have the time or money in truth, but as they say, "Sometimes you have to sell the cow and go to the fair." Our friends Ben and JoAnn invited us to join them on this couple's retreat by emphasizing that "nothing on the agenda is mandatory." In other words we can sleep the weekend away...go play in the Frio river...or attend sessions of various speakers. I suspect Amy and I will be spending most of our time simply enjoying the silence. There are no phones, no computer connections, no TV's.

I will confess part of me is still trying to plot a way to at least try to listen to tonight's Spur's game, but amid the tranquility I'm anticipating even that scheme may quickly fall by the wayside.

So if you're looking for us this won't find us, but be comforted in knowing we're doing our best to experience a little piece of Heaven.

p.s. The song that plays on the Laity Lodge website is the same song which our church congregation sings every Sunday as our benediction. We only sing one verse but it resonates very deeply.

"Go in in in the arms that will hold you.
Go in in God's love."