Monday, May 08, 2006

Serenity & Surrender

It is somewhat disconcerting that to drive to Laity Lodge you must literally drive your car into a river...and down the river.

Our time there, as is the case with many visitors, was breathtaking and renewing.

Surrounded by the stunning beauty, concealed in the rugged confines of the hills of central Texas, is a legacy of faithful God.

The story of this place is too storied to be told here, but it is a living vibrant testament to the will of believers and to the promises they've made to the God they love.

And it is here, in a vast 2000-acre canyon cut by a river, that Amy and I found some peace.

Peace in each other and in His awe-inspiring truth...a truth to which we were reminded we must completely surrender.

It seems God provides many opportunities in this life to be baptized.