Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Luck Of The Ma

I knew about God before I knew about Amy.

He and I had talked, although for many years I'm fairly certain He wasn't pleased with my side of the conversation.

When I met Amy, things changed...between God and me.

It might be argued that I changed...that God had always been exactly the same. I suppose that's probably the more likely scenario.

Nonetheless, instead of only knowing about Him, I started actually knowing Him...developing a relationship with God - Creator of all that is and will be.

It's a relationship that leaves me stunned to this day and one which I've been trying to cultivate ever since...and I hope evermore.

I certainly give Amy much of the credit for encouraging this relational transformation, but there are others to thank.

One other in particular.

Amy describes her as, "the most godly woman" she knows.
She, more than anyone perhaps, instructed Amy in "the way" making certain at the core of her education were the teachings of Christ Jesus.

More importantly I think, she also chose to live a life of honest faith - a godly life - so those biblical values were not something Amy only "heard about on Sunday." Rather they were lived - demonstrated, explained, and encouraged - every day.

Many crucial years of my life lacked such noble role models.

So I consider it another sign of God's mercy that Amy never wanted for inspiration...for she has had Priscilla...her Mom.

And due to God's grace, I became a collateral beneficiary of Priscilla's steadfast faith and wisdom.

For reasons still somewhat inexplicable to me, one of the daughters Priscilla raised in the ways of God agreed to be my bride.

I've come to realize that this is one way God works...shining His love outward through the body of Christ.

And occasionally some undeserving fool is lucky enough to stumble into that giving glow - becoming a hapless heir to a legacy of obedience and adoration.

Priscilla, thank you.

Happy Mother's Day.

Her children arise and call her blessed... - Psalm 31:28