Thursday, May 18, 2006

Leaks & Creeks

It sounds like gattling guns are being fired in our house...actually in the garage.

I haven't mentioned it lately, because I haven't wanted to think about it lately, but our "plumbing issue" arising out of our foundation repairs is still an issue. Today, God willing, these leaks under our slab will be repaired. I write "leaks" because the previous repair of our "leak" revealed another "leak." Each leak requires a seperate repair, which involves jackhammering additional holes in our garage floor. Each repair also requires a seperate payment.

It's going to be far more expensive than I hoped, so I'm praying foremost that today's repair does not reveal any other leaks.

I mean how many leaks can there possibly be?

If they do discover more leaks I think I'll attempt to petition the state to declare the outflow of water below our house a river.

Actually that might be a bit ambitious, perhaps we could get the state to sign off on something calling it a "creek."

In fact, the more I think about it, considering the "head" waters and the direction the current seems to be taking us - without a paddle I might add - designating it a "creek" seems entirely appropriate.