Monday, May 22, 2006

Doest Thou Offend?

We had Mark Cuban on the radio this morning. He was affable, and did his best to try to rationalize his recent behavior. Essentially he said that he had to be offensive to be effective in creating a true rivalry which he says the NBA needs.

Offend people...and succeed.

Maybe that is the way.

Did you notice how the Dixie Chicks decided today to "withdraw" their pseudo-apology for bashing President Bush in England? Their heart-felt "withdrawal" happened to come the day before their new CD is released. Natalie Maines said, "I don't feel he (President Bush) is owed any respect whatsoever." One of her bandmates then went on to offend country radio listeners by saying, "We don't want those kinds of fans."

There was more...all inflammatory... "I don't listen to music," Natalie said. "I listen to Howard Stern all day long."

They've got a plan...maybe it will's certainly offensive.

Madonna's got a new album or concert tour or something. Here's how she comes on stage for her "show."

Maybe that will work too.

Congratulations to the Mavericks. As I said before, they're a good basketball team.
I still think Mark Cuban is a jerk.

Good luck to the Dixie Chicks...they're sticking to their guns "we disrespect what you respect so respect us" approach.

I respect people's beliefs, but I don't have to listen to them.

Good luck to Madonna.

I hope her children will understand.

Maybe the Mavs, the Chicks, and Madonna will all succeed...

I hope if they do, you won't be offended if I hold my nose.

Then again maybe you won't care.