Saturday, April 22, 2006

What We Have Here Is...

14 or 15 hours at the hospital is a long time. It was an excruciatingly long surgery - everything turned out okay so far - thank you for your prayers. The waiting game was far easier on me than her and him, but it did dredge up the many memories I have of the hospital inefficiency Amy and I endured in recent years.

Our friend came through the surgery and now will await some test results we expect to show that the cancer was caught "in time." It is amazing to me though how dispassionate nurses and other hospital employees can be at times.

So anyway, Time Warner is one of the largest communication companies on earth...and Time Warner stinks.

That perhaps was not the best segue, but I thought I'd mention it in case anyone had any doubt. I won't go into details - gee another story of how the cable company stinks - but suffice it to say Amy and I have spent far too much of our time in the past day trying to get a straight answer from various Time Warner cable company employees.

At the moment I'm waiting for perhaps the fifth or sixth Time Warner cable company employee we've spoken to in the past 36 hours to call me back. Her weighty job is to schedule someone to come to our house today...someone we were repeatedly guaranteed would be here yesterday. After listening to her litany of excuses, I said, "Can't you just call your technician and tell him to come out and do this 2 minute job?"

Her response? Honest...this is what she said,"Oh, Mr. Main we have no way to 'communicate' with our technicians."