Friday, April 07, 2006

Nightmare On Main Street-Averted

We've returned from our Hill Country was a Godsend. I won't detail the lunacy involved in our foundation repair - at least not yet - but suffice it to say had we not had a couple of nights away, the torture would have been completely unbearable.

This was the charming lil' B&B where we did our best to hide from reality.

We did little besides laze around our room and enjoy the Jacuzzi tub and it was wonderful.

Periodically our peace was interrupted by phone calls from the foundation repair crew...or the lack of promised phone calls from the foundation repair crew. Still, had we been home during this fiasco in communication - and close enough for me to wrap my fingers around someone's neck - this tale might have taken a far darker twist. I will confess in the back of what's left of my mind there still lingers a tiny nagging fragment of a question as to whether wringing the foundation repair chief's neck might have been equally least until I went on trial. Mercifully that shall now forever remain an unrequited fantasy.

So our trip away was well timed. It not only could be argued that it had life saving qualities - deserved or not - but it appears to have also spared the small sliver of my remaining sanity a push off its fragile shelf... although some might justly give argument to that too.

I know this much is certain, we are blessed to have a child who was generous enough to gift us with this getaway. I will also admit I'm now curious if she's a tad bit psychic since her perfectly timed kindness may very well have prevented me from committing a felony...or two...or three.

At least for now.