Monday, April 17, 2006

Miss M

Our newest housemate cries occasionally and sometimes smells a little funky.

That's okay, so do least she has an excuse, she's only 20 months old.

Miss Emily also giggles and squirms a lot and she has brown eyes that are destined to break some hearts in the years ahead.

I'm fairly certain she still hasn't figured out what to think of me or the dogs although I suspect she lumps us together. On the other hand, she's pegged Amy as a harbor of love, warmth, safety and comfort which has in turn prompted Amy to start trying to train her to call her "Nanny Amy."

I'll be the first to admit that having Emily around has produced a lot of unexpected joy around here as well as a certain amount of relief that I am not the first resident of the house to require diapers which I always figured would be the case.

Like all change though it has required some adjustments.

It's hard to frown a lot when she's around and I'm having to get used to that...

I think I will.