Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I've been in radio for 30 years or more. I am not famous. I am not a celebrity. Most people have never heard of me.

However I apparently have one fan.

The cable guy.

The other day, after perhaps 19 calls to the cable company, I ratcheted up my anger at their false promises, unreturned calls, and apparent lack of drug testing. I had been promised a cable installer would be by to perform a 3 minute task, but he never showed up...not the first day...not by 3 p.m. the second day. So when I called at 3:15 and was told the cable guy would be there "after lunch" I unloaded.

At 3:18 the apparently lunch deprived cable guy was at our door...wide-eyed.

I thought, "Oh man, they must have put the fear of God into this poor kid."

His first words were, "Are you THE Michael Main?"

I checked to make sure my underwear wasn't inside out with a name tag showing.

"THE Michael Main...on the RADIO?"

He was mesmerized.

So was I.

I'm a glorified reporter...some days I'm not on the air in this city at all. No one is impressed with me...not even Amy...okay, especially not Amy.

This kid was though. Before he left he had offered to come back on his own time and run a line to one of our rooms for free. I turned him down saying that wouldn't be honest and he replied, "Oh it would be honest. I'd do it for free with my own equipment on my own time!"

I laughed, thanked him and still declined his offer.

Still, he wrote down his phone number and name and told me to call him personally if I ever had any problems with the cable...it was embarrassing.

He however couldn't understand why I was flustered. He said, "But man, YOU'RE MICHAEL FREAKIN'MAIN!"

Now of course I'm being treated like royalty by the folks with whom I share this home.

Well, I didn't word that quite right...let's say I'm getting the royal treatment.

Every once in a while someone will mutter, "But man...YOU'RE MICHAEL FREAKIN' MAIN!"

I may never live it down.

Tomorrow we switch to satellite.