Saturday, April 15, 2006

How I Spent Lent Or How Spent Am I?

Easter eve...time to look back I suppose.

I'll be the first to admit that this Lenten season I did not adhere as closely to my goals as I had planned. Walk everyday? Well, most days. Fast? Well, most days. Listen for God?

I can rattle off excuses - did I mention the Sun was in my eyes? Truthfully, the nightmare of our foundation repair, the transition of the Gomez family to independence, feeling the somewhat sudden call to host another family, new and unexpected workplace stress, Amy's health deteriorating resulting in lingering questions and heightened emotions, the death of Klondike...

We had our share of distractions...everyone does.

Still upon reflection I have no regrets. My Lenten intentions were pure, but life intervened a little here and there...sometimes a little too much.

I have faith that God will understand.

Despite it all, I have heard His unbelievable word of grace...the Son has been in my ear.