Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gut Check

Among the silliest things I've seen lately...or at least today, is "the beer belly."

It's not a beer belly earned the traditional drinking beer and sitting on your rear. It's a fake beer gut.

Yes...they actually sell beer belly "falsies."

Apparently there is a market for such a thing to enable true beer lovers to keep their favorite brew close to their hearts...albeit sagging down a bit below that exact anatomical region.

This evidently fills a void for people who want to "smuggle" booze into places where such things are frowned upon.

Somehow looking at their ads at I tend to doubt folks who buy bogus breadbaskets frequent too many stylish places where toting in a 12-pack or eight is frowned upon, but who knows?

Maybe that guy sitting by himself at the rear of the church hasn't just let his abs sag...maybe he's slurping on the king of beers while pretending to worship the King of Kings?

He could very well be backsliding and frontsliding simultaneously.

All seriousness aside, presumably there really is a market for this type of thing...and I think we should be worried.

It actually sends a chill down my spine.

Yes, "down."

Where will it "end?"

I mean what if the next gizmo to hit the market is aimed at incognito "crack" addicts?