Monday, April 03, 2006


Okay, if you ever have the misfortune of having interior foundation problems in your home here are some handy tips:


Seriously, this is a nightmare. Jackhammers and dust...dust and you get a precarious view of the relatively fragile base upon which your home is perched.

We have plastic sheets hanging between doorways, taped over hallways...and in front of stairwells. They are there to help us believe that everything in our house is not coated in's not working.

We have spent the day repeatedly crawling through a hole in the plastic to enter and exit our house all the while attempting and failing to suppress the mental imagery of the birth canal.

So, we're looking for distractions.

I've let my mind wander to New York City where our eldest child, Tiffany (all together now) - the one going to Harvard - spent her Spring break.

This is my favorite photo of her trip....

Tiffany window dreamin' at Tiffanys.

I'm hoping the worst of the foundation work took place today...if you don't count writing the check to pay for it.

I don't want to think about that part so did I show you this picture yet?