Saturday, April 29, 2006

Crossed Wires

The cable company called yesterday.

The day before I had personally returned all of our cable devices to their offices - except our cable modem - and cancelled our service due to the company's maddening incompetence. I expressly told them I was canceling. The employees demonstrated their intense corporate loyalty by responding as one might least as one might expect from workers who are apparently underpaid and not subjected to drug tests...they said, "Uh, okay."

I was ready to tell them why we were canceling but upon looking into their dull eyes I realized it would be a waste of my time and they probably wouldn't comprehend most of my words, so I walked out.

Oh, so what did the cable company want when they called? Did they want to try to convince us to come back? Did they want to offer a deal we couldn't refuse? Did they want to apologize for their abysmal service?

Not a chance.

They asked Amy when would be a good time to come to our house and "install our cable."


When Amy stopped laughing, she tried to explain that we not only didn't want them to come out but that we had cancelled our cable solely because they were such a confused bunch and we feared it might be contagious.

The response? Brace yourself.

This is what the Time Warner employee said, "So you don't want the Superstations either?"
I'm not making this up...I couldn't if I tried.

So I thought perhaps it was only Time Warner cable in San Antonio that was so incompetent. I hear good things about Cox...but we don't have Cox cable here.

A few minutes ago I read this story. Click on the'll love it.

I personally relate to the quote from this poor woman fighting thousands of dollars in cable charges for "porn" on her cable bill,"Every time I call, somebody tells me something different. They're not on the same page."

She's so right. I suspect they're not on the same page, because they need a bookmark to get through a bumper sticker.

Hopefully I'll still be able to post this...I know they're going to cut off our cable modem at any moment despite my explicit instructions not's bound to happen. It's destiny...I can read the writing on the wall.