Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Small Bright Stars Shine On My Heart

Before Amy and I got married and for a good while afterwards when I was out alone with the kids shopping they'd usually ask me to buy them something to which my usual response was, "No."

That usually prompted our youngest daughter Lisa to respond, "You're mean." She didn't mean it...I knew became something of a running gag after a while. She doesn't even remember it any longer.

Another running tradition in our family is to label Christmas presents to and from different folks...oftentimes we use names from the Bible...To: Naomi, From: Ruth... To: Klondike, From: Santa..
One year Lisa gave me a gift with this label...which you probably can't read but I tried to photograph it.

It says, To:Michael....From: You're Mean.

I've carried that gift tag in my wallet for 12 years or so remind me of that little girl with the wry sense of humor.

Lisa's always been the smallest one. The youngest child with the bright eyes and smile...our Lisa.
Today she's not a child any she's an "adult" - officially 21 years old.
Old enough to do all sorts of things we've warned her against, and smart enough to make her own decisions.

She may be the youngest of our three children, and may still be the "smallest" in my mind...but she has a big heart, her eyes and smile are still bright...and her even brighter.

Happy birthday Lisa. I love you dearly.

-You're Mean