Friday, March 24, 2006

Pierced...Deservedly So

I stink.

This I mean both figuratively and literally.

I returned moments ago from my daily walk and I can smell me. I once had a biology teacher who said, "If you can smell yourself...bathe!"

Not to worry I plan to do that momentarily - and if Amy comes home while I'm writing then it'll be even sooner.

However I had to quickly stop everything and apologize to Matt Robison and his family, because what I did to them stinks worse.

A couple of days ago I posted a sort of tongue-in-cheek thing mocking Matt a bit for his decision to break the world "body piercing" record. I really didn't mean anything by it but I wrote the words that if I met Matt "I would turn away." It was a bad phrase, a stupid thing to say, and something I didn't mean then or now. It was essentially a transitional phrase to get into his story.

At least I thought so.

Until I came home from my walk and noticed a new comment on that piece.

So you don't have to scroll back and leave me mid-post, this is what is says:

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't turn away from Matt. You know why? He's my son. As God's children we are not to turn away from anyone. Matt know's a lot about the Bible. He was a top Bible quizzer in his younger days with spending 8 years in Bible quizzing.

I can't really tell you why he did this. In his defense, he started on this months ago. He started on this project and saw it through to the end. His mom and I are proud of the fact he went through with it and was able to set a new record. Did we agree? No. He is our son and we love him and will always be there for him. Yes, we are excited for him.


Sam Robison

Ouch! Talk about being pierced! My own words feel like daggers stuck in places you don't puncture on purpose. So I couldn't even wait 10 minutes to post this apology. Every word Matt's father wrote rings true and I'm thankful that he took the time to write.

I'm assuming he found my puny little blog via a search engine while looking up reports of his son's feat. I've been guilted by Google.

Seriously, please know I meant no harm, but I do apologize.

And thank you Sam Robison. You've given me a well deserved reminder that this Lenten season I should spend more time looking inward and less time looking out.

"Judge not, that you be not judged."

That's from the Bible...the book of Matthew. Something I bet Matt Robison already knows.