Friday, March 10, 2006

My Old Friend Harlan And New Things Too

I don't have a lot of time...I'm running out for the evening with a friend to watch the Spurs versus Kobe Bryant and a handful of other guys dressed in purple - some folks still call them the Lakers. It will be time well spent...a great way to put a hectic work week behind me.

When I have little time and am pressed for blog fodder I can usually always count on my old friend Harlan with whom I've renewed a relationship that began and ended in junior high and didn't resume until he found my blog a year or two ago.

We communicate via email fairly regularly and besides correcting my punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors, he sends me thought provoking stuff on a regular basis.

I don't listen to NPR...I'm a commercial radio guy and NPR has never really intrigued me...I'm not a big fan of government subsidized competition, but that's a story for another day. My old friend Harlan, knowing that I don't listen to NPR yet also knowing I'm very into Lent sent me a link to this NPR story about a Priest who has a friend choose what he gives up for Lent each year.
I really enjoyed it, but that does not mean I like NPR.

My old friend Harlan also sent me these bumper stickers...which have nothing to do with anything.

One other note of a more serious nature: Lee walked in as I was writing this...she is home early. The reason: she lost her job today. It is not worth getting into, it was not her fault, but she was made to take the blame. Basically she was a scapegoat...she knows it but it is still difficult. She hides it well but I know she is feeling a little low, as anyone does when they get fired - I know I have been fired before too. She could use a little uplifting prayer.

It comes at a bad time when she is preparing to embark on a new independent life in a new apartment, but the job paid $6.50 an hour. I told her there are lots of $6.50 an hour jobs and God is going to take care of her...I think He has proven that aplenty already. However if you could say a prayer for patience, peace of mind and understanding...and maybe pile it on with an outright prayer that Lee find a new job quickly, I believe that would be time well spent indeed.