Saturday, March 25, 2006

Moving Day

I'm in avoidance mode...typing randomly instead of moving furniture. We're not moving out of our house, but we might as well be for the amount of work we have in front of us over the next week.
We're having our foundation a little over a week. Some years ago we had the exterior of the house shored up, but thanks to no rain, clay soil, and fate's plan to make sure we never get a chance to get ahead financially, new problems cropped up and the interior of our home has to be jacked up.
For this to happen, we have to "empty" the two primary rooms downstairs, the master bedroom and our living room. We are in essence moving except we have no place to go. We're cramming furniture into rooms, piling stuff on top of stuff so men with jackhammers can tear up our carpet (not sure how we're going to recover from that process)and dig giant holes in our floor.
Amy and I are not the most organized or "neat" people to begin there's a certain amount of disarray in our home already. By the time this next week is over we're going to have set a new standard for "the cluttered look."

Then...the jackhammers arrive.

My goal is to get the living room cleared today and I'm not going to make it if I sit here and write.

Praise God and pass the ibuprofen.