Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Holy, Holy, Hol You Gotta Be Kidding Me?

Amy recently got her ear pierced...again.

I'm not big on body piercings of any form, but I'm big on Amy and as long as she limits her personal puncturing to ears I don't object...too much.

However if I ever met Matt Robison of Ottawa I'd have to turn away. You would too.

Don't believe me?'s a picture of Matt.

That was at least how he looked last Saturday while setting a body piercing record. In the span of 14 hours he was pierced...about a thousand times...on purpose.

Really. He did it on purpose.

In Matt's defense he was going for a world record and fully intended to be pierced 1200 times so as to put the record out of reach of all the other folks clamoring for the title of the person with the most holes in his...body.

However, somewhere around piercing number 500 Matt realized something...getting pierced hundreds of times hurts. Matt decided then not to go for 1200 piercings...he was going to stop at 1016 - one more than the current piercing record. You've got to give him some credit for having that much common sense.

Until you find out that immediately after he broke the record...after he had been pierced about a thousand times...he decided something else...he decided to PULL THEM ALL OUT!

I'll give you a moment to scream.

Yes, it's true after subjecting himself to 14 hours of torture so he could set a world record for driving stakes into his skin, Matt opted to spend - I don't know how long - yanking them out.

And you know what he discovered?

That hurts too!

Matt says it was never his intention to keep the piercings...he only wanted to set the world record. If he kept the piercings after all people might think he was nuts.

Personally I think Matt could have gone for 1017 piercings...I don't think it would even hurt...I suspect he already has a hole in his head.