Sunday, March 12, 2006

Gifts & Gadgets

The house warming shower for the Gomez family was a huge success thanks in large part to you..people who read this blog and gave via the Internet. Some of that stuff hasn't arrived yet but Amy was able to print out a list of the items that you folks purchased so that Lee can know what to expect. A number of items did arrive already, along with gifts from church members, and several generous PayPal donations or checks sent to us directly which I dutifully converted to Wal-Mart gift cards for Lee to use once they've settled in and decide what else they really need.

I must admit, I am amazed by the outpouring of love from the people who read this blog. It's really quite overwhelming. It's one thing to know people actually read what I write, it's quite another to learn so many of you are truly good people...kind people...caring people...loving people. God's people.

I'll write more about the shower and post pictures either later today or tomorrow.

Although Amy did most all the work for the shower, I'm exhausted.

So I thought I'd take a time out for a bit of goofiness.

That's an actual product for people who tire of holding their cell phones up to their ear.

It's silly things like this that are so silly that they make me want one. Mercifully the urge usually passes...before Amy has to step in and take away my credit card.

Again, more later on the house warming party...

I don't think I can say it often enough though...thank you.

We are the body of Christ and today my friends...our body stepped up in a big way. Lee was astounded...and even John' - who prides himself on looking dour - couldn't hide his obvious gratitude.

Bless you all.

Michael & Amy