Thursday, March 02, 2006


After a somewhat maniacal day at the office, I have had a long nap and am now waiting for my batteries to charge up a bit before I charge out on my Lenten walk...that's literally and figuratively. My body - which does not ache quite as much as I expected - needs to brace itself and I am hoping my too often dropped handheld PC will recharge and function well enough as my MP3 player during the journey...right now it's at about 53 percent which probably exceeds my energy level.

Ash Wednesday service was wonderful...very touching...very meaningful. I should have brought a camera to capture some of the images of love in the sanctuary but it would have spoiled the mood.

Speaking of spoiled moods, Ana has not spoken a word to me in two weeks or so. She comes, she goes. I occasionally spot her and say goodbye. John' and I are getting along well, and Lee is I think simply exhausted and a little concerned about life on their own. I think she will bounce back before too long..

63 Percent charged...

I am testing a new blogging tool - Anaconia RocketPost - I can not give you a review since this is the first thing I have typed on it and I haven't posted it yet. Blogger is a complete pain to write with, but the way it embeds images makes it very hard to use another tool. It is now also for some reason putting question marks in the place of things like apostrophes, so I am reverting to writing like a Vulcan and not using contractions. So let us try this shall we?

We will see how that works.... which brings me to a dog update I suppose. First off, Klondike is still alive and kicking. We are spoiling him like crazy, and he is taking advantage of it...refusing to eat regular dog food unless we spice it up with green beans or something else.

We have to give him medicine for his various other aches and pains - the vet did not give us anything but a knowing look when she broke the news about his lung cancer - however they are reluctant to dole out more than 10 days worth of pills at a time. Apparently they expect Klondike to expire at any moment and to us he is the same lazy dog he has been for 5 years, except now he?s a picky eater.

Winston and Avery are fine. I mentioned some time back that Winston was going tri on us...tri-pod that is...he was only using three legs. We, of course, had the Vet check that out as well and her reaction was - quote - he is being lazy.

I am not sure what that evaluation cost, but Winston is now using four legs again after apparently discerning he'd been busted.

91% charged.

Well, now the big test to see if this software works, which will be highly disappointing should it fail me...and then hopefully off for my walk. Cross your fingers.

Sigh...that failed.

I now have to post using blogger. I think it may be time for a move.

I know it is time for me to get moving.

At least I am 100 percent charged.