Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Coin Of Riches

That's a denarius.

I bought it recently because I wanted one for a while as a reminder.

It reminds me of the parable of the the least shall be first...and how difficult the Bible says it is for the financially fixated to enter heaven, among other things.

Back in the Roman's day, one denarius was a good day's pay. That one cost me a few dollars, but to me it's worth a great deal more.

It reminds me to update you on the Gomez family. They're doing well. I spent a little time with Lee last night. She's anxious about finding a new job. Ana is working. John' already has an iguana.

Gordon's initiated an effort to get them a decent computer...we've got a couple of options there, but it's something I want to get settled soon because it's unimaginable that Lee and Ana will be able to do their college work without computer access at home. Amy also is trying an end run to see if a local office supply store will "donate" a computer, which could put a whole different spin on things.

Yeah, that old coin got me writing about the generous spirit of strangers. Stuff some of you ordered for the Gomez' from is still being us. I delight in calling Lee and telling her I'm on my way over with sheets, or flatware and she's still amazed that people care so much about her and her family.

Probably due to Gordon's recent post, in the past day I've received another contribution directly through PayPal . Gordon and I have decided to simply combine those funds when the time is right. Still I'm astounded at the kindnesses we've witnessed and I can't adequately express our thanks. Be assured the money will go to good use.

As I pondered the idea of the least being first my thoughts wandered to how Amy and I are coping in the post-Klondike era.

I moved the little dog's crates into our bedroom. That's actually working out better than I imagined. Avery is confused a bit...she still runs upstairs looking for her bed before realizing she's been relocated. Winston, who has always coveted our bedroom because it's always been off limits and because he knows it contains an ample supply of dirty socks - that's another story - is sleeping through the night which was my primary concern. He doesn't however let me get away with hitting the snooze bar. The alarm sounds and if I consider spending ten more minutes in slumber, Winston howls me out of that dream quickly. Suffice it to say the little dogs are in hog heaven. They think they've reached the promised land.

Amy and I are coping as best we can...Amy isn't crying as often...I'm getting used to the white tile in our entryway not being covered in black dog hair and growing accustomed to being able to climb the stairs without having to pass a hairy 90-pound sentry.

I apologize for the rambling nature and lack of continuity of this post...but it started with a coin from old...a coin that once was consider a day's wages. Today thoughts of generosity, coping, loss and love are the wages I bring to the table...and to be able to share them with you allows me to feel wealthy indeed.