Tuesday, March 28, 2006

And Now A Little Day Brightener

For those of you making summer vacation plans, you might want to keep in mind the predictions of a guy who calls himself "Pastor Harry." He's predicting that we're well on our way to the arrival of the Anti-Christ and that unless the Anti-Christ trumps him by revealing himself beforehand he - Pastor Harry - will reveal the name of the Anti-Christ on June 6th, 2006...that's 6/6/6...sort of.

Pastor Harry has a website and apparently an Internet-based radio show out of Midland, Michigan focusing on Doomsday. Tune in weekly for a heckuva good uplifting time.

One or two warnings about the website, I didn't dig too deep so there's no telling what it may contain, and also it has some really annoying sound file shouting "WARNING WARNING...etc" as soon as you enter. I had to turn off the sound of my computer to get it to stop. Anyway, this is the site.

"Pastor Harry" says several events will have to occur before the Anti-Christ reveals himself and remarkably a number already have: Ariel Sharon's stroke; Iran's decision to restart its nuclear weapons program; and the recent HAMAS victory in the Palestine elections.

Now all that has to happen in the next two months is for terrorists to blow up a mosque in Jerusalem and blame it on Israel so that Muslim leaders can declare a holy war.

He adds there's a 50-50 chance the Anti-Christ will reveal himself on June 6th...isn't there a 50% chance the Anti-Christ will reveal himself everyday? He also says we shouldn't be freaked out if he...Pastor Harry...announces a name that we've never heard of because, "He's more unknown than I." That one is hard to believe eh?

Being a loving husband, I sent this information to Amy as soon as I received it...I do have unspent vacation days after all. She responded:

Getting ordained over the Internet - $15
Having your name legally changed to Pastor Harry- $75 (+$1 filing fee, $1.50 Michigan Wolverine surcharge, and $3.00 RTA tax)
Already knowing the guy named as the Anti-Christ has GOT to be named "Wayne" - Priceless!

Gotta love that woman...