Thursday, February 23, 2006

An Update Is In Order

There's no way of denying hosting the Gomez family is not going well. Lee is trying very hard, working and going to school, but she's not a good parent. Amy and I are not John and Ana's parents and they take every opportunity to make sure we are aware of that. For the most part the kids "hide" in their rooms or we hide in ours. On March 10th they'll have their own apartment and we will have fulfilled our promise to God, albeit still feeling like failures.

Prayer is constant. Help is distant. Time is our greatest ally.

"God redeems time" - That wisdom was passed along to me last weekend at The Big House, and I have been reflecting upon it ever since. There is so much in our relationship with the Gomez family that has been wondrous and yet the petty instances of disrespect are almost constant. In all honesty, not a day goes by that I do not regret that we didn't stick with the decision to put them up elsewhere for the past month, but Amy and I are determined to ride it out...even if the unpleasantness continues.

My prayer is that once we get the family settled...hold an "apartment shower" for them (more on that later, because this family still needs help - no matter the status of our personal relationship - and God never said anything would be easy) that a small amount of distance will heal our differences.

God redeems time, and time is a healer too.

Praise God.