Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Sweet & Bitter

This is a bitter sweet all senses of the phrase.

Our old dog Klondike, mentioned in the previous post, is at the vet as I write and the docs have called to tell us they found a number of problems which may mean his days with us are short. We don't have definitive word yet but it's apparent - and although it's no surprise it still is painful - that Klondike is on the decline...perhaps rapidly so.

Klondike has lived a long, happy, well cared for life...but we're not ready to say goodbye. I'm praying today that God will at least grant him a small pain-free portion of additional time for us to spend together and to prepare each other to say good-bye.

There is good news too. We've been able to arrange for the Gomez family to take a big step toward independence. Some papers have to be signed and I suspect it took the mastery of words from a certain preacher to an apartment complex manager, but in a month or two the Gomezes will likely be moving into their own place. It's down the road...close enough for us to still provide for them...and far enough away where they can begin to feel like they are really providing for themselves.

It's a good thing...independence, but Amy and I are also a bit sad.

We hope to celebrate tonight...both our time together and their future without us...

Yes, today is bitter sweet.