Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Splash & Gulp

When Amy and I were in Ohio last summer we stopped by an estate sale, which was sad like all estate sales seem to be. We didn't buy anything of real significance except for a couple of old newspapers which I've used to decorate our "antique" room...the only room in the house we don't really use.

That same newspaper announcing man's landing on the moon also had another story of significance on the front page.

I must admit that was the first thing that crossed my mind this morning when I read the story about Ted Kennedy penning a children's book. As is apparently the fashion in Washington D.C. he wrote the book as if his dog was the author.

His dog named "Splash."


Sorry, but I see a tinge of irony there no matter your political persuasion.

Anyway, I was sitting on the couch dashing out these few thoughts when I noticed a cricket crawling along the carpet. Normally I have no problem squishing bugs, spraying bugs, etc.. I've even been emotionally distant as I've watched a moth or June bug fly into the house and head for one of our halogen lamps. However I've got a thing about crickets. Maybe it's because the Chinese consider them lucky or maybe it's Walt Disney's fault.

Whatever the case, I don't kill crickets.

I reached down and gently cupped the little cricket in my hand and carried it to the back door. I slid the door open and tossed the insect into the wind. It floated ever so delicately to the pavement.

Then a mockingbird swept down and ate it.

It's a day for irony I suppose.

Sorry Jiminey...sorry Mary Jo.