Sunday, December 04, 2005

Up & Crawling

Apparently I bollixed my computer worse than I imagined, but Amy has manage to restore my critical stuff - like my ability to pay creditors and see how much money we don't have in the bank. It's going to take a while to get everything else going. I love this little blog editing software - wbloggar - which I have used for some time but now I've discovered images I embed with this program "disappear" when you bring them up via a permalink or through the archive. I detest writing in Blogger itself...and none of this matters to anyone but me.

I'm vowing to set aside time to write...but it's coming after my vow to set aside time for Amy and for the needs of the Gomez family. To tell you the honest truth the only reason I'm writing this is to see if the settings on this little editor are correct.

As an apology of sorts I'll turn you on to two sites I've found interesting lately.

The first is which every Geek looking for a bargain should check out daily.

The other is One Red Paper Clip.

He's a blogger whose been trading up from one red paper clip on his way to a house...and he's well on his way.

That's all for now...time for vow #1.