Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Three Wise Rodents

Today was Christmas at our house, for reasons that don't need to be repeated. It was wonderful. Amy prepared a delightful meal. The giving spirit exceeded the level of selfishness for the most part.

By far the most delightful gift Amy & I received was a hand drawn book from Ana. I can't do it justice now but will share it over the next day or two I promise.

Right now I only wanted to share a little silliness sent to me by a dear friend and member of our little band of believers.

I thought I had seen about every possible tacky manger scene...but I must admit I have overlooked the Three Wise Ferrets all these years, which I might add has given me something else for which to be thankful.

Note the "Wise Ferret" closest to the baby Jesus ferret - is that a box of raisins?