Thursday, December 08, 2005

Something Nutty This Way Comes

Okay, I've let this stuff build up too long...time to get some of it out.

I mean it's almost Christmas and I haven't mentioned how folks in Austria celebrate this time of year.

They dress up like this:

And like this:

I'm not kidding. I don't really understand it all but the little devil looking guys accompany St. Nick through town and swat kids (and apparently anyone who doesn't get out of the way) with brooms on their rumps.

Anyone else missing Burl Ives about now?

It's sort of confusing but somehow St. Nicklaus is involved and kids get little treats at the end of the event.

Speaking of treats...did you see what the Pope got?

Yes, Pope Benedict was given a steering wheel the other day. The head of Ferrari gave it to him. It's even inscribed:"The steering wheel of the Formula 1 World Champion to His Holiness Benedict XVI, the driver of Christianity."

Where do you suppose the Pope puts stuff like that? I mean it presumably doesn't exactly fit the decor of the Vatican?

It's not like he needs it in the Popemobile?

Oh well...maybe he'll make it into a lamp or something.

In any case it allowed me to lighten things up around here a bit. If you want to lighten things up...and you have a high speed here.