Monday, December 05, 2005

Oh That's What That Button Does!

For a while there I was thinking - yes, I know that's a rarity - that I was not provoking any reaction at all...even with my as of late, limited postings.

Ya see there's this little button in Blogger which I noticed the other day that says, "Moderate comments." I thought that would be a dandy idea, assuming it would allow me to delete anything offensive (although I really don't get offensive comments - and no I'm not seeking any) or spam comments of which I get a few.

What I didn't know was that if you "Moderate Comments" you have to um...moderate comments...before they publish.

I don't have time to sort my laundry much less go through each comment and give "permission" for it to I turned that feature off this morning. Lo and Behold! Comments have burst forth!

Sorry I didn't respond previously, I wasn't ignoring you...I was worried you were ignoring me.

Reminder to self: eggshells...I want to write about eggshells.